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Responsibility for Nature

Tropical timber is a controversial issue for many people, because the  preservation of tropical forests is of high interest to the world's climate and biodiversity. Unsustainable and too extensive use of topical trees is undoubtedly to be rejected.                                                                        The amount of wood needed for tactile V.16 is very small and corresponds to about half a litre per piece. But even this moderate consumption has to be balanced. Besides purchasing at FSC-certified timber companies, we support global initiatives for reforestation and sustainable management of forests. With the portion of donations for each mouse sold, between two and ten new trees - depending on region and project - will be planted. Thus, tactile V.16 on the one hand symbolizes the highest esteem for its fascinating natural material, and on the other hand proves a commitment for responsible treatment of its endangered habitat.

Myrte Nr. 32

Responsibility for People

Like any other computer mouse, tactile V.16 keeps in tight contact with the skin during operation. So it is basically possible, that harmful substances are being transferred this way. To reliably avoid this risk, there are only materials used for manufacturing, which do not cause any harm to human health whatsoever. Thus, the wooden surfaces are treated solely with natural oils and waxes as well as natural shellac as primer. The traditional procedures don´t use any chemical solvents and additives, nor synthetic coatings. The aluminium alloy of the control keys is RoHS-compliant and its surface is fully sealed with a ceramic layer when finally anodized.