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Advanced Ergonomics

The Feel of Quality

Whether they are made of fine wood or light alloy: all parts are created from solid materials in hightech procedures and brought to full perfection with careful craftsmanship. After more than two years of design work and development, tactile V.16 is being made in Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic coast of Germany. Each piece is treated with a high level of attention to meet the demands of a truly unique piece. Each bloc of rare wood is sorted by hand, the geometry of the future tactile-body is anticipated within. Every control key is made of massive aluminium alloy, matched in colour to the individual body, and its final coating is added by anodising. This process offers a thin ceramic layer on the surface, extremely durable and very pleasant to the skin.

Diversity and Uniqueness

Fine woods have always been inspiring humans with their diversity and individual beauty. Traditionally the most attractive objects of daily living have been made from them, such as fine writing instruments, nautical equipment, musical instruments or the interior of exclusive automobiles. tactile V.16 also pleases the eye with the deep and warm charism of wood, however, it enhances its appeal by adding some contrast with the cooler-looking metal surfaces of its button elements. Each tactile V.16 is unique by nature. It sets design accents in an environment that was previously dominated by plastic materials and rather uninspired shaping.